15 Best Strawberry Picking CT Farms 2024

Connecticut strawberry picking farms use environment-friendly & organic methods for farming. They also provide hayrides, organize events, teach about agriculture, give classes, etc.

Strawberries are a favorite fruit of people all around the world. They are cholesterol-free, contain tons of vitamins, and work as the best antioxidants.

Connecticut in New England is the Southern state of the United States. People living here enjoy various pursuits & activities. Visitors, especially kids, love hunting the reddest and juiciest berries. 

Picking strawberries in summer with family and friends brings the greatest joy. They bring back baskets full of delicious fruits ready to be made into jams, jellies, or eaten raw.

Strawberry Picking in Connecticut
Strawberry Picking in Connecticut

When Is Strawberry Picking Season in Connecticut

Strawberry season in Connecticut begins in early to mid-June and lasts in early July. The family-favorite destinations for picking strawberries in Connecticut are compiled below. Many farms are selling local berries by the 2nd week in June, and the ones that offer PYO usually do so starting in mid-June.

June weather in Connecticut
June weather in Connecticut

1. Lyman Orchards Strawberry Picking Farm – Middlefield, CT

Lyman Orchards is a favorite family destination for strawberry picking in Connecticut. The farm, spread across 1100 acres, was set up in 1741. It’s acknowledged as the United States 12th oldest family-operated business. Lyman Orchards is 48.3 mi (1 hour approx) from Sawmill Brook. 

There is an Apple Barrel Farm Market, a bakery, and a deli. Freshly grown local farm products and hi-top Apple Pies (award-winning) are sold at Apple Barrel Market. Lyman Orchards also houses three prize-winning golf courses for visitors. 

Lyman Orchards strawberry field
Lyman Orchards strawberry field

Lyman Orchards organizes different annual events like “Lyman Homestead Tour,” “Comedy Night,” “Peach Festival,” “Corn Maze Beer Tasting,” “Lyman Orchards Sunflower Maze,” etc.

They offer Pick Your Own (PYO) fruits, including strawberries, honeyberries, sunflowers, jostaberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, peaches, pears, & nectarines.

Address: 32 Reeds Gap Rd, Middlefield, CT 06455, United States.

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2. Jones Family Farms – Connecticut

Jones Family Farm in Shelton’s White Hills is a seventh-generation farm. Philip James Jones established it in 1848. Various farm buildings, including a homestead, carriage house, dairy barn, ice house, winery, etc., were constructed. Initially, they sold products like eggs, apples, lamb, & beef to Derby city-dwellers via horse-drawn cart. 

The field is spread over a large area of 400 acres. Two hundred acres are used to cultivate Christmas trees, and 15 acres to grow blueberries & strawberries each. 

Jones Family Farms
Jones Family Farms

Twenty-five acres of land is used for squash, pumpkin & gourd. Fifty acres of land is devoted to woodlots & haylands. For the farm’s winery, grapes are grown on over 10 acres. Three different farm locations are Valley Farm, Homestead Farm, and Pumpkinseed Farm.

Jones family farm invites visitors to harvest seasonal crops. PYO crops, including strawberries, Christmas trees, blueberries & strawberries, are offered. Hayrides are also provided to the guests. The farm is 0.5 mi (5 minutes approx) from Countryside Veterinary Hospital.

Address: 606 Walnut Tree Hill Rd, Shelton, CT 06484, United States.

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3. Silverman’s Farm – Easton, Connecticut

Silverman’s farm was set up in the 1920s by Ben Silverman. Previously, there was only a cider mill to press apples. With time, farm homesteads and roadside stands came into existence. Schoolchildren were invited to watch cider making. Silverman’s farm is 0.4 mi (2 minutes approx) from Mauro Builders. 

Silverman’s now pressed apple cider at an off-site location (not on the farm) because their old Cider mill has retired, and then they sell it in the farm market.

Silvermans Farm
Silvermans Farm

In the early 1930s and 1940s, farms (growing various crops) were called “truck farms.” Ben Silverman grew every crop, including cabbage, onion, tomato, potato, eggplant, cauliflower, apples, plums, peaches, and berries. 

They offered pick-your-own fruits, including strawberries, raspberries, peaches & blueberries, at Silverman’s for the first time during the 1970s & 1980s. 

Events like “Getting Crafty,” “Easter Egg Hunt,” “Fishing Derby,” “Firefly Festival,” etc., are organized. Specialty foods, freshly grown products, and baked goods are sold at Silverman’s Farm Market. Visitors also enjoy petting farms (containing fowls & animals) and tractor rides. 

Address: 451 Sport Hill Rd, Easton, CT 06612, United States.

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4. Easy Pickin’s Orchard – Enfield, Connecticut

Easy Pickin’s Orchard has been a family-operated business for over 60 years. Small fruits, orchard fruits, vegetables & herbs are grown and sold at farmers’ markets. The farm is 1.9 mi. (5 minutes approx) from Scantic River State Park.

Easy Pickins Orchard
Easy Pickins Orchard

Strawberries, pears, apples, pepper, blueberries, etc., are offered. Other crops like tomatoes, carrots, beans, onions, turnips, Asian pears, flowers, and herbs are also grown. Customers are also provided with a CSA program option. 

They don’t offer pick-your-own on strawberries. Customers can purchase them pre-picked directly from us at the farm or at the farmers’ markets where they sell: Ellington, Suffield & Coventry.

Address: 4805, 46 Bailey Rd, Enfield, CT 06082, United States.

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5. Scott’s Yankee Farmer – East Lyme, CT

Scott’s family has operated Scott’s Yankee Farmer for over a century. It started as a roadside table but soon became a famous strawberry-picking destination in Connecticut. 

Scott’s Farmer is 50 mi (1 hour approx) from the Connecticut National Guard Readiness Center. The farm in East Lyme, Connecticut, is spread over 100 acres. There is a greenhouse and cider mill in the orchard. 

Scotts Yankee Farmer
Scotts Yankee Farmer

Scott’s Yankee Farmer offers PYO crops, including strawberries, cult flowers, blueberries, sunflowers, peaches, apples, pumpkins, & nectarines.

The farm grows various vegetables & fruits for farm stores and Pick-Your-Own. Their doughnuts are famous far and wide. Annual events like the “Sunflower Festival” are also organized. 

Address: 436 Boston Post Rd, East Lyme, CT 06333, United States.

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6. Bishop’s Orchards – Guilford, Connecticut

Bishop’s Orchards (B.W. Bishop & Sons, Inc.) is a family-operated farm corporation. The farm was set up by Walter Goodrich Bishop in 1871. Initially, they carried out farming activities involving vegetables, fruits, and ice.

In 1909, the first commercial orchard was set up. Seasonal Farm Market & Cold Storage, known as “Bishop’s Orchards Northford Farm,” was established in 1947.

Connecticut Board of Agriculture & Governor Ella Grasso awarded Bishop’s Orchard the “Century Farm Award” to celebrate 104 years of family ownership and operation. 

Bishop’s Orchards Connecticut
Bishop’s Orchards Connecticut

In 2005, Bishop’s Orchard Winery was set up. The farm has an office, bakery, refrigeration, retail, freezer, cider mill, etc. Over 15 fruit wines, like blueberry, apple, strawberry, pear, etc., are offered. Annual events, including “Shoreline Wine Festival,” “Outdoor Movie Nights,” Thursday Trivia Nights,” etc., are organized. 

Crops grown at the farm include strawberries, peaches, plums, apples, pears, nectarines, beans, cabbage, lettuce, raspberries, pumpkins, etc. PYO fruits are strawberry, peach, pear, blueberry, raspberry, pumpkin, & apples. Bishop’s Orchards is 0.6 mi (2 minutes approx) from Medad Stone Tavern Museum. 

Address: 1355 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT 06437, United States.

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7. Deeply Rooted Farms, LLC – Harwinton, Connecticut

Deeply Rooted Farms, LLC was set up by Jonathan Sederquist in 1973. It’s a family-owned farm offering strawberry picking in Harwinton.

The LLC operates a choose-&-cut farm for Christmas trees. Crops like pumpkin, winter squash, & specialty gourds are also grown. Deeply Rooted is the only farm in Connecticut to extend the strawberry harvest season from May to the hardening of frost during Fall. 

Deeply Rooted Farms, LLC
Deeply Rooted Farms, LLC

Deeply Rooted Farms, LLC offers PYO fruits: strawberries, raspberries, and pumpkins. They also have a unique line of Fall edible ornamentals. The farm is 1.9 mi (4 minutes approx) from Harwinton Fairgrounds.

Address: Terryville Rd, Harwinton, CT 06791, United States.

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8. Scantic Valley Farm – Somers, Connecticut

Scantic Valley Farm is a family-operated farm in Somers, Connecticut. The farm specializes in grass-fed and natural beef from the Belted Galloway herd. Their local-fresh eggs, Belted Galloway Beef & heritage breed pork are famous. Scantic Valley was recognized as NCN’s “Berry Best” for the 6th time. 

Scantic Valley Farm Connecticut
Scantic Valley Farm, Connecticut

Scantic Farm is 1.6 mi (5 minutes approx) from Four Town Fair Grounds. They offer PYO fruits like strawberries and blueberries to visitors. Summer flower is also grown & sold at the berry booth. Events like “Flower Bars & Workshops” are organized. 

Address: 327 Ninth District Road, Somers, CT 06071, US. 

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9. Rose’s Berry Farm – South Glastonbury, CT

Rose’s Berry Farm, owned by the Scaglia family, was set up in 1908. The 20-acre small fruit farm has developed into a 100-acre family farm destination. Rose’s Berry Farm is 0.2 mi (2 minutes approx) from Walnut Ledge Farm and 11 miles from Hartford.

Activities like Halloween decor & scarecrows, fall hayrides, PYO fruits, school tours, and Sunday “Breakfast-with-view” restaurants are also arranged. 

They hosted Hopewell Bistro and local Audubon Society fall dinners to raise funds. They teach kids & college students (on tour) about buying local and fresh foods. 

Roses Berry Farm breakfast place
Roses Berry Farm breakfast place

Crops such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, pears, pumpkins, currents, and Christmas trees are grown. In the 1960s, Rose’s Berry farm was Southern New England’s first and largest PYO farm. 

You can rent the farm deck for organizing events, including marriage, business meetings, birthdays, showers, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, etc. Products like gift baskets, homemade delicacies, jams, toppings, and pies are sold. 

Address: 295 Matson Hill Rd. South Glastonbury, CT.

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10. Buell’s Orchard – Eastford, Connecticut

Buell’s Orchard was set up in 1889 by Henry Buell. It’s a 100-acre family-operated farm offering strawberry picking in Connecticut. The orchard is 0.4 mi (5 minutes approx) from Camp Nahaco. 

The Farm stand sells products like sweet corn, apples, tomatoes, and other fruits & vegetables. 

Buells Orchard
Buells Orchard

Events like “Trunk or Treat” and “Annual Harvest Festival” are organized. PYO fruits offered to visitors include strawberries, peaches, apples, blueberries, & pumpkins. Buell’s apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, tomatoes, and summer vegetables are famous.

Address: 108 Crystal Pond Rd, Eastford, CT 06242.

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11. U-Pick Strawberries – Starvish Farm – Enfield, CT

U-Pick Strawberries at Starvish Farms is a locally operated, small farm in East Windsor. It’s a popular & family-favorite U-Pick fruit destination in Connecticut. 

Starvish Farm has opened a new field in East Windsor. The farm’s first field is in Enfield (closed for renovations). The farm is 0.9 mi (2 minutes approx) from Pleasant Road Group Home. 

U Pick Strawberries Starvish Farm
U Pick Strawberries Starvish Farm

Starvish Farm opens in June and remains in business till strawberries last. The farm is laid out in a way to avoid crowding or trampling. 

There is a farmstand to sell U-Pick & pre-picked strawberries. A pound of strawberries at Starvish costs around $2.75 (approx). 

Address: Enfield, CT 06082, United States.

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12. Grant’s Berry Patch – Lisbon, Connecticut

Chris Grant & Michelle Grant set up Grant’s Berry patch in 1997. The farm started with 1 acre of strawberries only. But has grown into 12-acre land, growing various vegetables & fruits. The Berry Patch is 0.2 mi (2 minutes approx) from Libson Brook. 

Farm products are sold at Local Farmer’s Market and Farm Stand. There are three greenhouses to grow crops in early June. Excess crops are donated to the Local Food Bank after every season. 

Grants Berry Patch
Grants Berry Patch

PYO fruits offered to visitors are strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins & blueberries. Wide varieties of Fall and Summer vegetables are also grown. 

Grant’s tomatoes & sweet corn are the most famous and in-demand crops. The cost for Pick-Your-Own strawberries is $3.75 per pound (approx).

Address: 188 Mell Rd Lisbon, Connecticut US 06351.

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13. Dondero Orchards – South Glastonbury, CT

Dondero Orchards was established in 1911 by Mary Ann Dondero & Joseph Dondero. Initially, they raised grapes, raspberries, apples, & cows on the farm. With time, many Pick-Your-Own crops started to grow. 

Dondero expanded its area in 2011 by acquiring Mountain View Farm. The farm owns two markets, a greenhouse (7200 sq. feet), and a bakery. The orchard is 0.3 mi (2 minutes approx) from Matson Hill Community Club.

Dondero Orchards CT
Dondero Orchards CT

They organize “Farm Dinners” from June till August. The theme for dinner is updated on their website. Farm dinner costs $39 per person (excluding tax). Patio planters, 10″ hanging baskets, a variety of herbs, & combination baskets are also offered for sale.

Dondero Orchards organizes a craft fair each year. The schedule for the craft fair is on their website. PYO crops, like strawberries, apples, peaches, pears, raspberries, blueberries, & nectarines, are offered to visitors. 

Address: 529 Woodland St, South Glastonbury, CT 06073, United States.

14. Raspberry Knoll Farm – North Windham, CT

Raspberry Knoll Farm is a 65-acre family-operated farm in North Windham. The farm, set up by Pete Concklin & Mary, offers strawberry picking in Connecticut. Various vegetables, fruits (berries), flowers & herbs are grown. 

Raspberry Knoll offers four different varieties of raspberry (red), a unique purple raspberry (summer), three different Fall raspberries (red), and a yellow raspberry (summer), blackberry & black raspberry. They also sell three different blueberries and varieties of strawberries. 

Raspberry Knoll Farm
Raspberry Knoll Farm

The farm is North-East Connecticut’s “Premier Place” for PYO vegetables, flowers, and berries & flowers. Raspberry Knoll Farm is 1 mi (2 minutes approx) from Kraft Tile LLC. 

Address: 163 N Windham Rd, North Windham, CT 06256, United States.

15. Pesce’s Farm SF – Bolton, Connecticut

Pesce’s Farm SF is a 75-acre farm in Eastern Connecticut providing strawberry picking. It was set up in 1940 and is operated by Pesce’s family. The farm specializes in Pick-Your-Own strawberries. Various vegetables & fruits, including lettuce, blueberries, peaches, pears, zucchini, cucumber, squash, tomatoes, gourds, & pumpkins, are sold at the Farmstand. 

Pesces Farm SF
Pesces Farm SF

The farm believes in providing locally produced, fresh & finest products. Pesce’s Farm SF is 0.7 mi (3 minutes approx) from Dean Cabinetry. 

Address: 66 Hebron Rd, Bolton, CT 06043, United States.

Find Strawberry Picking Farms Near You


Picking strawberries is a popular activity to beat the summer heat. Connecticut has many farms allowing U-Pick strawberries. Visitors visit these farms to enjoy a fun-filled day exploring the suburban lifestyle. 

Days & hours of strawberry picking depend on climate and stock. We recommend calling the farms to ensure that fields are full of berries and open. For pet-related policies and other information, keep an eye on the website of these farms.

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