What To Wear To Pick Strawberries? The Right Dress

Strawberry picking is a fun outdoor activity, but it’s messy. It’s essential to dress accordingly before picking this fruit. So What To Wear To Pick Strawberries?

Strawberries leave stains, so always wear something old. Wear comfortable clothes that would be easy to carry in summer. Besides, sunscreen, a hat, and closed-tip shoes are a must.

In the season, many USA farms allow picking strawberries and other fruits.

What To Wear To Pick Strawberries
What To Wear To Pick Strawberries

What Should I Wear To Strawberry Fields?

Before going to a strawberry field, you must check a few things about dressing.

  • Wear closed-tip shoes to avoid muddy toes and sticky, mashed strawberries. 
  • Strawberry picking can get messy, and it leaves stains. So wear something that you can allow to get dirty.
  • Wear long sleeves, long pants, and socks if you go through itchy, bug-filled bushes.
  • Summer is the best time for strawberry picking. So apply sunblock and wear a hat before going to the field.

How Should I Dress To Pick Strawberries?

Strawberry picking is a tiring and time-consuming task. Always wear comfortable shoes for strawberry picking. Shoes that are comfortable for standing and walking for a long time. Also, choose old and soft clothes that are comfortable to wear in summer.

To avoid sunburn, apply sun protection and put on a hat. Also, dark-colored clothes are suggested to prevent stains.

Strawberry Picking Outfit Ideas

A proper dress can make your strawberry-picking experience much better. So, keep these dress options in your mind before strawberry picking. 

  • Short, cotton, loose-fitted, comfy dresses. These are super comfortable and also look pretty. So, your pictures will look great.
  • Light-flowing tank tops and combat boots are great for strawberry picking. They are both comfortable and protected.
  • Denim capris and oversized tees are both pretty and functional. Pair them up with boat shoes or high-top converses for shoes. Lastly, put on a straw hat to complete the look. 

Best Containers For Picking Strawberries

Airtight containers are best for keeping the strawberries. Glassware containers like mason jars are also suitable. Just make sure it’s closed tightly. 

Tips For Picking Strawberries

  • Pluck it by holding the green stem above the green cap.
  • Twist it off gently.
  • Keep the green cap and leaves. It will make them last longer.
  • Pick the strawberries that are bright red. These are the juiciest and sweetest.

What To Do After Picking Strawberries?

If followed after picking strawberries, a few steps will keep their freshness intact for a long time.

  • Wash them in water and vinegar. It will remove any bacteria if present.
  • Put them on a dry and clean towel after cleaning. 
  • Freeze them in an airtight container to increase their shelf life.

The Best Month For Strawberry Picking

Mid of May to the last of June is the best month to pick strawberries.

What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Pick Strawberries?

Morning is the best time of the day to pick strawberries. Strawberries are delicate fruits, and they get bruised easily. It remains cool in the morning; picking them up then is good.

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