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Do you love yummy Chinese food? Then come with me and explore the Chinese Early morning breakfast in Kolkata’ Territy Bazar’, made by the Chinese people. Here you get various types of Chinese street food like chicken Momo, chicken Tai Pao, Sumai, Pork momo, pork Tai Pao, red meat Pao, Wonton and Lots more.

territy bazar in kolkata
Territy bazar Kolkata

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Kolkata Territy Bazar, Early morning breakfast

And my friends come here early because they open the food stalls in the morning and closed at 8:00 am. I prefer to go on Sunday because the local shops are closed, and the food stalls are more here. Also, there is no problem with parking.

The old Chinatown or Teretti Bazar Market is one of the main attractions in Kolkata. Here you can find a part of Calcutta’s unique cultural heritage and local Chinese immigrant communities. Since the beginning of the 19th century, the city has become a Chinese resident in the Indian population, which was 20,000 but now it has dropped about 2000.

The Chinese breakfast menu in ‘Territy Bazar’ Kolkata

  • Chicken Momo 5pc – 50 rupees
  • Chicken Tai Pao 1 pc – 50 rupees
  • Sumai 4pc – 100 rupees
  • Pork momo 5 pc – 50 rupees
  • Pork Tai Pao 1 pc – 50 rupees
  • Red meat Pao 1 pc – 40 rupees
  • Wonton 5pc – 50 rupees

Our Holiday Story in ‘Territy Bazar’ Kolkata

On a Sunday morning in Territy Bazar Kolkata, I entered the Poddar Court area and 5 minutes walk from Central Metro Station in Bow Bazar / Bara Bazar. Earlier I heard about this street food market but did not visit.

It’s a small area where you can find delicious street food, like juicy chicken, chicken Momo and fish momo, pork momo, chicken Tai Pao, shumai, sausages, prawn wafers, hot soup noodles, stemmed baozi buns, chicken rolls, etc. But the taste differs from the other Chinese fast food available in Kolkata, West Bengal. So try the foods here; all are delicious. Try once and I believe you’ll be back again.

Chinese food in ‘Territy Bazar’ Kolkata timing

The opening time is 6 am and the closing time is 8 am.

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How to reach Chinese breakfast food in ‘Territy Bazar’ Kolkata

The exact location is between central to Lalbazar. It’s on the Chattawala Gali, beside the telephone exchange. You can come from the Poddar Court area and 5 minutes walk from Central Metro Station in Bara Bazar.

After the best Chinese breakfast food in the early morning, you can visit

  • Chinese Temples
  • shop Fresh Produce
  • Hap Hing store
  • Pou Chong store
  • Tung Nam Eating House (Restaurant)
Territy bazar Kolkata map
Territy Bazar Kolkata map

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Chinese Temples in Kolkata Territy Bazar

You can find six Chinese temples or churches here. After finishing your breakfast with Chinese street food, you can visit those temples.

1) Sea Ip Church

This church was built in 1905, and it is situated on Indian Exchange Place. The church is located on the main road and it’s accessible to the other six Chinese temples.

The temple is a two-storied building, and the temple is situated on the first floor. This church is dedicated to the Kwan Yin, the Goddess of love, mercy and war.

2) Nam Soon Church

The Nam Soon Church was built in 1820. It is the oldest of the six Chinese Temples of Tiretta Bazar. The Chinese church is located at the end of Damzen Lane. The Nam Soon Church is larger than the other Chinese church in Kolkata.

3) Toong On Church

The church is situated near Indian Exchange Place. Toong On Chinese temple is a decorated two-storied building. Once upon a time, the church was situated on the first floor and the ground floor occupied by the famous Nanking Restaurant.

The famous Chinese restaurant is Kolkata’s oldest Chinese restaurant, and they established it in 1924. After some years, because of some legal issue in 1980, the court orders the building to be closed. They moved the Toong On Church to Bow Street in Bou Bazar, but Nankin restaurant remains closed. In 2012 they settled the legal issue, and The ToongOn Chinese temple was open in the same building.

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4) Gee Hing Church

Gee Hing Church was built in 1888, and it is situated at the entry of Blackburn Lane. In 1920 they moved the temple to the present location. They built the church above Chen’s Carpentry Shop.

The Gee Hing Church is dedicated to the Kwan Kun, the Chinese God of the Sea. The Gee Hing Church comes with two rooms, and both are well decorated and furnished.

5) Sea VoiYune Leong Futh Church

Sea Voi Leong Futh Church was built in 1908. It is the smallest but most of the six Chinese Temples of Tiretta Bazar and Blackburn Lane. In the church, Lord Buddha and other Chinese Gods are situated. This church also contains many pictures, showpieces of gods and goddesses.

6) Choonghee Dong ThienHaue Church

The Choonghee Dong ThienHaue Church at the crossing of Damzen& Blackburn Lane and built-in 1859. On the first floor of a Shabby building, the Choonghee Dong ThienHaue Church is situated.

In this Chinese temple, they worship the Chinese God of the Fortune Kwan Kun.

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Chinese new year in Kolkata Territy bazaar celebration

For any community, the New Year celebration is the most important festival. Chinese New Year is one of the most important celebrations for the Chinese as per the Chinese calendar. The Chinese community in Calcutta celebrates this festival as others. Chinese New Year in Calcutta is one of the cultural events for the Chinese community.

In Kolkata, China’s population is mainly concentrated in two areas: Territy Market or Old China town, and second is Tangra or the New China Town.

In 1780, the Chinese first came to Calcutta. Tong Achew, a businessman, bought land to set up a sugar factory in Achipur near Budge Budge. With this, the Chinese people came to Calcutta. Soon, they shifted to Calcutta and settled in the Teritty Market and Tangra areas. Thus, the Chinese community of Calcutta celebrates the New Year in their traditional way in the ‘Teritty Bazar’ and Tangar.

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Chinese New Year celebration in Kolkata

This year the New Year fell on February 5. The Chinese New Year celebration party starts at least one week before the actual date and lasts for a few days.

They start dancing preparation, the stage set up and many other decorations for homes and roads with Chinese props at Tangra and ‘Territy Bazar’ for cultural shows. On the New Year celebration day, they play dragon and lion dances on the roads of Tangra and ‘Territy Bazar’.

In the territy market area, at the time of Chinese New Year, you can see that people are preparing for the lion’s dancing, others are playing the drums. The dance starts with worshipping in front of the Chinese Temple. These dancing groups then make their way through the Territy market lanes, move into shops and local families, etc.

An exciting event will happen here. The local Chinese people put money on a red farm and dragged it with many lettuce leaves, and hung them from the windows or the door. A dancer dressed as a lion then tries to grab the money and lettuce leaves.

They form a human tower, and the lion goes upstairs and tries to grab the money. There is exciting folklore related to this. It had said that when the Nian animal came out from the hill; they are tired and hungry, on the eve of the New Year; he tried to hunt the people.

An older man is advised to fight with the animal using red cloths and drums and cymbals loud sound. Then, it’s explained about the celebration of drums and hungry lions lettuce leaves for food. Then, they crack the firecrackers as a symbol to stop the evil forces.

Though the Chinese community is decreasing in Calcutta, like other communities, they celebrate traditional shows. Even young people who are not familiar with conventional Mandarin or Cantonese language follow the New Year style.

No celebration is complete without food. Chinese have a grand festival during this time. The dancing procession, which started in the Territory market, usually ends in the Bow Barracks. The Chinese founder, Tong Achew, visited Achirpur to pay tribute to their founder.

Chinese people are trying to keep their traditions and culture alive in traditional Kolkata. This year the number of dance groups was less than the previous year.

Calcutta is always a place that welcomes all communities equally. A city is a rare place of community and culture.

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Shop Fresh Produce in Territy Bazar Kolkata

The” Kolkata Territy Bazar” is also one of the best places in the city for fresh meat, seafood and other daily essentials products. Do not forget to go to the market in the morning because this is the proper time to get fresh meats, fish, and veggies in your hands. There you get a wide range of flowers, fresh mushrooms, etc.

The market can satisfy your entire shopping requirement. In the meantime, finished your breakfast from breakfast places in Kolkata’ Territy Bazar’.

Hap Hing store

Have you finished your early morning breakfast in Kolkata’ Terreti Bazar’? Then Hap Hing Co is a must visitable shop while you are here. Hap Hing is a Chinese shop and medicinal store. Hap Hing is the oldest shop in Chinatown Kolkata, considered by the local people.

In this famous shop, you get various types of pharmaceutical medicine from tea, dried fruits and rice noodles and many more. The shop owner Stella Chain is very knowledgeable. She opens the shop on a breakfast morning and closes at 10 am. On weekdays 9 am to–12 pm in the morning.

Pou Chong store

Pou Chong shop is short of heaven for sauces. If you are looking for authentic flavours and won’t add more tests to your innovative spices Chinese dish, then Pou Chong is the must-visit store for you. You get a different type of sauce like Momo Sauce, Garlic Chilli Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Dark Soya Bean Sauce, Soya Bean Sauce and Plum Sauce and lots more.

This store is a part of Pou Chong Brothers Pvt Limited. For the last 50 years, they produce quality products.

Tung Nam Eating House (Restaurant)

Do you miss the early morning breakfast in ‘Teritti Bazar’? Then Tung Num is your next destination. Tung Nam Central Kolkata is one of the original Chinese restaurants and Chinese food providers in Kolkata – ‘Teritti Bazar’.

Here the food is delicious, the food quantity is more than enough, and the ambience still gives the feeling of the old Chinese town of Calcutta. The shop owner belongs to the original Chinese family. I hope day-to-day they keep running it, and we enjoy the delicious Chinese food for a lifelong.

Note – ‘Tung Num’ Eating House (Restaurant) is not very decorated. It is a non-ac restaurant. They have no such fancy seating arrangements, and the food is fantastic. The restaurant is tax-free; I mean GST free.

Tung Nun Eating House Timing and Menu

Tung Nun is open from Wednesday to Monday, from 11.30 am to 3 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm.

Closed on Tuesday.

All Chinese menu.

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How to reach Tung Num

Tung Nam is located in between BSNL Bhawan Territy Bazar Kolkata Improvement Trust building. It is behind the BSNL office, connected through an adjacent narrow lane.

From the central metro station, 5 minutes walking towards Podder Court and reach Kolkata Improvement Trust Building adjacent to the ‘Teritty Bazar’ BSNL Bhawan.

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