Nabadwip Dham [Mayapur] Krishnanagar All You Need To Know

Nabadwip Dham & Mayapur Iskcon tour is one of the holy pilgrimage sites in West Bengal, and people come worldwide to visit here. Both places can be covered in a single day from Kolkata, but I suggest you stay one night in Mayapur and be present in the Arati time. A heavenly feeling touches you at the moment. 

Nabadwip Dham and Mayapur Iskcon
Nabadwip Dham and Mayapur Iskcon

About Nabadwip Dham

In the past, the island had just begun to emerge from Ganga and a dwelling place was built up. The rumour is nine islands raised from the sea, so it’s called together ‘Na Diyas‘ and after it’s called Nadia. But it’s a wrong theory. Nadia means new island (Natun dwip), the district headquarters in Krishnanagar. 

Direct buses and reserved Toto from Krishnanagar come to Mayapur after crossing the river ‘Jalangi’, and you can reach Nadia Nabadwip. The bus journey is approx one hour. Frequently bus service is available.

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Nabadwip Dham tourist attractions

Nabadwip is situated on the banks of the rivers Bhagirathi and Janalgi. It’s 120 km from Kolkata and 19 km from Krishna Nagar. The daily train is available from Howrah and SealdahSri Chaitanya was born here in 1486. He developed the Vaishnava religion. This place is one of the main Hindu pilgrims in West Bengal, having 186 temples.

The “rash” is a trendy festival in Nabadwip. It’s a Vaishnava festival, but deities like Durga, Kali and others are worshipped. Thousands of people take part in this festival. “Dol festival” is also celebrated with a grand gesture. Almost every house in Navadwip has a temple dedicated to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The main Nabadwip temple holds the golden statue of Sri Chaitanya, the most important shrine here.

Mayapur is one of the nine islands on the river Hoogly, and bus services connect it from Krisnanagar and Kolkata, and a ferry ride across the Bhagirathi River from Nabadwip. This place is the root of Vaishnavism.

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Nabadwip Dham tourist attractions – 23 Places

  1. Sri Keshavaji Gaudiya Math Nabadwip
  2. Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math
  3. Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math (Jal Mandir)
  4. Sonar Mandir
  5. Narahari Dham
  6. Bharat Sevashram Sangha Nabadwip
  7. Narahari sri chaitanya seva mission (60 feet Chaitanya murti)
  8. Nadia nodi ghat
  9. Jagannath Mishra house (birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)
  11. Sri Krishna Chaitanya Seba mission (gupto Vrindaban)
  12. Poramatala temple
  13. Bhabatarini mandir
  14. Ektil shiv mandir
  15. Nityananda milan mandir
  16. Gauranga mahaprabhu upanayanam
  17. Buro shiv mandir
  18. Birthplace of Vishnu Priya Devi
  19. Harisava mandir
  20. Sonar Gouranga Mandir
  21. Sri Sri Samaj Bari Ashram
  22. Manipur rajbari Nabadwip
  23. Sri Saraswata Gaudiya Asana

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Nabadwip Dham Mayapur tour- How we reach

We took the train from Sealdah station in the early morning, and it took 2 hours to reach the Nabadwip station. Next, we took Riksha (Toto’s are available now) from the station to visit all the spots, and the rickshaw dropped us at the Nabadwip Launch ghat. The rickshaw takes 500 rs for two hours.

We found a few hotels to stay in and ate at the ferry ghat. We finished lunch and took a small ferry to cross the river for Mayapur’ Hulor ghat ‘. It charges .50 paisa (now 3 rupees) per person. Government boats run from the same ghat for 7 rupees to cross the river. The river has two colours (green and black). So we were very excited when we saw it. After, we reach Mayapur by rickshaw.

Nabadwip Dham Rash yatra

Nabadwip rash utsab

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We visited Navadwip this year, and we travelled with Toto at that time. The Toto costs 350 rupees to see all the places in Nabadwip Dham. The ferry fare is 7 rupees for the govt steamer like the Kolkata Howrah ferry, and the local ferry is 4 rupees only.

Bus route to reach Mayapur from Kolkata

  • Route: E38 – Kolkata to Mayapur,
  • Via – Dharmatala, Ultodanga, Airport, Barasat Colony Mor, Amdanga, Jaguli, Kalyani Mor, Ranaghat, Krishnanagar.
  • Departs Kolkata (Dharamtala) – 6:15 am
  • Leave Mayapur ISKCON – 3:30 PM
  • Ticket Price – 108 Rupees.

Visit Mayapur Iskcon from Nabadwip

After reaching Sri Mayapur, there are many hotels near Mayapur. You can get Iskcon accommodation with vegetarian food inside the temple. So it’s better to contact them earlier to stay in Mayapur. You can get a room in Mayapur Nityananda Kutir for 150 rupees only.

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Iskcon Mayapur tour by toto car
mayapur iskcon mandir picture
Mayapur ISKCON mandir picture
mayapur calendar
Mayapur calendar
prabhupada hare krishna kirtan mayapur
24-hour Hare Krishna Kirtan Mayapur

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Mayapur Tourist Place

Mayapur is the headquarters of ISKON, and this society took first place in spreading Vaishnism into the world. Iskon stands for “International Society for Krishna Consciousness“. Iskcon’s Chandrodaya temple in Mayapur is the main attraction of the entire ISKCON tour, and Arati is a unique attraction in Mayapur.

Iskcon Chandrodaya temple Mayapur is also known as Mayapur Krishna mandir, Gouria math, Sri Chaitanya temple, Bhakti Saran math, Gosala etc. Mayapur new mandir is just been created.

Mayapur room booking

Iskcon Mayapur lunch price

The prasad starts from rupees 30, and the Rajbhog prasad price is 120. You can have lunch at Govinda restaurant ISKCON. The Veg thali price is 200 rupees; it has ten types of items.

Mayapur accommodation booking

The Iskcon has many arrangements to stay in four houses: Sankha, Chakra, Gada, and Padma. Sankha is for VIPs, Padma is for the life member, Chadra- is ordinary and Gada- is for the Dormitory system. They also have Dharmashala’s. The Janata Prasad is also available in the afternoon to the right of the gate.

As it’s a Hindu religious place, shoes and cameras are prohibited in the inner zone. There is a Gosala with lots of cows, and the area is vast.

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Mayapur Hare Krishna aarti timings (Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir)

04:30 am – Mangal arati, 7:30 am- Darshan arati, 8:00 am- Bhagabat Gita Path, noon -Bhog arati, 4:00 pm- Dhoop arati, 6:30 pm- Sandhya Arati, 7:30 pm – Bhagabat Gita Path again, 8:30 pm- sandhya arati continued.

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Mayapur Iskcon Kirtan

In Sri Mayapur, many foreigners chant Hare Krishna kirtan; they also stay there, and it happens 24 hours non-stop. So, the Aarti will happen eight times a day.

Mayapur side seeing

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Mayapur Iskcon Prasadam

We can buy various categories of Prasadam (food offered to God and then distributed among the devotees) from the temple premises. A little distance away is the Vishwa Pradarshani.

With the unique effect of the magic mirror, one can see distorted images of oneself. At night, the colourful display of light is another sightseeing. ISKCON Mayapur lunch price starts from 30 rupees.

I tested 60 and 120 rupees Mahaprasad, and it’s good. One hundred twenty rupees Mahaprasad is good, but it’s occasionally available for general devotees.

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Iskcon prasadam | Mandir sulav bhog prasad in Mayapur
iskcon mayapur new temple construction
Iskcon Mayapur new temple construction

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End of our Holiday Story 

In return, many buses from Mayapur to Krishnanagar and trains are available from Krishnanagar station to Sealdah. The other option is to cross the river again and catch the express train from Nabadwip, but the train frequency is low. So if you decide to return to the Nabadwip Dham, the sandhya arati will miss in Mayapur.

Elephant procession at Mayapur Iskcon

In the late evening, we reach Kolkata city. It’s a one-day round tour from Kolkata, and our Nabadwip Dham, Mayapur Iskcon tour ends here.
All the mentioned places covered in one day is tough. So I advise staying at least one day in Mayapur or Nabadwip to enjoy the trip.

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Hare Krishna Harinam Sankirtan
Nabadwip Dham mayapur iskcon prasadam timing
Mayapur Iskcon prasad timing

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Hotel near Mayapur Iskcon Temple

Krishnanagar Tourism

In ancient times, Krishnanagar was known as Reui. Maharaj Rudra renamed it Krishnanagar. Nadia developed during the reign of Maharaja Krishnachandra.

Krishna Chandra was titled Raja Rajendra Bahadur as an award for fighting against Sirajuddowla on the battlefield of Palasi. Mayapur and Nabadwip can reach Krishna Nagar easily. Krishnanagar can get by Sealdah within 1.5 by Krishnanagar local train (frequent trains are available). Few hotels are found in this area.

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Krishnanagar Places of interest

  1. The Krishanagar Rajbari is the major attraction in Krishna Nagar, and the Durga Mandir on its premises has its value. The Nut Mandir, the last work of Krishna Chandra in Pankha, is rare and almost nonexistent. The four-towered Singha Duar of the royal palace was built in the Muslim style of architecture.
  2. Roman Catholic Church is an exclusive example of architectural and sculptural example. On the church’s wall, 27 paintings describe the tale of Jesus.
  3. Besides all these, there is the ancestral house of author Pramatha Chowdhury’s Rani Kuthi, an association with Sri Rabindranath Tagore. Others are Krishnanagar Academy in Rantanu Lahiri’s house, and the Protestant church has its value.
  4. Another attraction is Sadhakzafar Khan Dargah, where Hindus and Muslims offer Sinni and light lamps in their memory.
Krishnanagar tourist places

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Tips for Navadwip and Mayapur

If you want to visit Mayapur first, reach Bishnupriya railway station and cross the river, which is a shorter distance. Mayapur’s official website for tour and hotel booking

10 facts about Mayapur Iskcon

  1. You can take photographs at the main Radha Madhav temple by contacting the security office under the Lotus Building between 9 am, and 10 am. You can take pictures, but videography is restricted.
  2. If an older person needs a wheelchair, he can get it with a refundable amount of Rs 500 by contacting the Padma Bhavan office on the left side of the main temple. We must submit a copy of the photo identity card.
  3. Before entering the Radhamadhab temple, we should deposit a mobile phone, shoes, and power bank at the counter next to the temple at Rupees 10.
  4. Most of the room bookings were from the Gada Bhavan building.
  5. Tea and coffee are prohibited anywhere inside the ISKCON complex. However, special hot water called Ayurvedic tea is available.
  6. Every Saturday afternoon, an elephant-drawn procession goes out to the temple premises.
  7. Car parking is available.
  8. Mahaprasad starts from 30 rupees. Those who want a full lunch or dinner can eat at Govinda Restaurant (as per the rate card).
  9. Harinam chanting is done 24 hours at the Mayapur temple.
  10. To maintain decency of dress.

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Mayapur Iskcon mandir phone numbers

  • Gadabhavan 03472 245219, 03472245494 / 03472-245620 / 03472-245495
  • Nityananda Kutir-08609874554 / (03472-245043)
  • Gouranga Cottage- (03472- 245043)
  • Chaitanya Bhavan-03472-245362 / [email protected]
  • Ishodyan Bhavan- 06295547507
  • Harekrishna Dharamsala- 03472245240
  • Namahatta Bhavan- 03472245305
  • Banshi Bhavan- 03472245355

Hotels and monasteries outside Mayapur Iskcon premises

Chaitanya Swaraswat Math- 01246201617
Jagannath Guest House- 07602876051
Sri Krishna Guest House- 0894 484 4794

Budget hotels and accommodation in Nabadwip Dham Near the railway station

  • 03472240227- Bharat Sevashram Nabadwip,
  • 0933 322 2775- Sri Keshavji Gaudiya Math, Navadwip,
  • 03472240068- Sri Devananda Gaudiya Math,
  • 03472248218- Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Gaudiya Math,
  • 03472240132- Sri Sri Samaj Bari Ashram,
  • 03472241319- Sri Sri Ramakrishna Seva Samiti,
  • Guest House of Navadwip Municipality- 03472240413
  • Nandita Guest House, 03472240518- Near Poramatla
  • Poddar Guest House-9433939997
  • In front of the station 0915 329 4859 – Hotel City Pride
nabadwip to mayapur map
Nabadwip to Mayapur map

How can I go to Nabadwip from Howrah?

The train route is the fastest and best way to reach Nabadwip, which takes approximately 2 hours.
Popular train Howrah to Balurghat Express. Dep: 7:50, ARV:9:42. (Exp: Saturday, Sunday).

How can I reach Krishnanagar from Nabadwip?

First, take a ferry from Nabadwip Ghat and reach Hulor Ghat (Mayapur Ghat). Then take a bus and reach Krishnanagar it takes 1 hour. Reserve auto/toto is also available from Hulor Ghat.
Another way is from Nabadwip ghat and reach Swarup Ganj ghat. Local autos/toto are available from Swarup Ganj ghat. And arrive in Krishnanagar within 30 minutes.

How do I get from Nabadwip to Mayapur?

The ferry is the only way. Arrive at Mayapur Ghat from Nabadwip Ghat in 15 minutes. The frequency is 30 minutes. Both options are available for the ferry (3rupees) and launch (7 rupees). Then take a toto to reach Mayapur within 1 minute. 10 minutes walking distance.

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